How to Choose the Right Self-Storage Unit for Your Needs

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April 1st, 2024

Maybe you are living with your parents or friends while your new house is being constructed. You may have inherited grandpa's junk (er, treasures), and you need time to go through each item. You may be storing property waiting for a sale.
There are a plethora of reasons why you need a self-storage unit. But how do you pick the right company and type of unit? Here are things to consider as you shop around for the right location.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Self-Storage Unit

Are you looking for a self-storage unit in Kansas City? Here are factors to consider.


Of course, location is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a storage unit – especially if you will access your belongings regularly. However, don't select a location entirely based on distance from your home.


Security should be a primary concern when selecting a self-storage unit. The location should provide a secure location to store your property. After all, the items you are storing must be emotionally or financially valuable, or you wouldn't go through the effort to store them. Avoid areas prone to theft or vandalism. But you should also consider your personal safety. Use a self-storage unit in a safe neighborhood – as you may be accessing your belongings when no one else is on the property.


Selecting a storage company that offers hours that work with your schedule is crucial. Not being able to access your belongings whenever you wish would be frustrating. Some facilities have 24-hour access, while others have restricted access hours.

Online Paying

Life gets busy. If you are worried you will forget to pay your storage bill, select a company that offers easy online payments.

Climate control

There are a lot of benefits to selecting a climate-controlled storage unit, especially if you are storing electronics, instruments, records, photos, clothing, artwork, or leather furniture. Remember, the humidity will also be controlled in a climate-controlled unit. Missouri isn't known for its dry heat, so you need to consider our unique climate before you choose a storage unit without an HVAC system.


Once you have found a storage facility that is in a convenient, safe location, with 24-hour access, online bill paying, and climate control options, you need to figure out what size of the unit to rent.
Most people tend to select a unit that is too small for their needs. While smaller units are more economical, you may be frustrated whenever you visit your unit if it's too small for your stuff. You'll have to empty your storage unit whenever you need to find a specific item. Also, carefully consider the vertical storage space if you need to store tall items.
We know it's hard to estimate how big of a unit you'll need. Here's a handy online storage calculator that will help you determine what sized unit you need based on the items you intend to store.

Kansas City Storage Options

Are you looking for a secure self-storage unit in KC? Consider North Park Storage, safely located in Kearney, Missouri. We have regular and climate-controlled units in various sizes to suit your needs.
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